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To all Degus out there: if you know a funny story about those stupid humans, or if you just want to say 'weep': send me a mail

Two Degus and Their view 'bout Humans

From: Donald and Douglas

Dear Degus,

Greetings from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada!!! we are two happy degus named Donald and Douglas. We have two pet humans named Angie and Ron!! This is our first e-mail and we hope to meet other degus all over the world. In Canada it is bloody cold right now and we have to get the humans to crank up the heat lest we freeze our tails off. We like your little homepage and thought we would send you a note about ourselves.

I'm Donald and I am two and half years old. My nickname is "stubby" because my stupid brother Douglas, bit half my tail off! I don't really mind it though 'cos it makes me look tough. I like to spend my time running in my huge wheel and eating. The humans are useful servants as they bring us food on command and keep us amused with their silly noises.
I'm Douglas and stupid I most certainly am not. If someone had not put their tail in my mouth it would still be there today!!! I am also two and a half years old and unlike my brother have a rather formidable intellect. I enjoy tormenting him and chasing him around the cage and also cheeping loudly at 4am when the humans are asleep!!hee-hee!! boy do they come running!!!!! I also spend a lot of time running and tearing apart the place in search of mischief. We would like to hear from you sometime to share stories and information about being degus and owning humans. I'm sure glad we don't have to feed them!!!

Bye for now, Donald and Douglas Degu
write to us at:

Degu meets Tiger Merlin

From: Abbott and Costello

We live in a huge jail cell. Everyday a giant tiger like animal tries to eat us. I think his name is Merlin 'cause thats what my pet Kerry screams when he gets on top of our cell. We love to eat his food as a treat but peanuts and vegetables are our favourites (especially grapes)!!!

We are two sisters that are one and a half years old. We reside in good old Milton, Ontario!!! We enjoy fighting but as of yet have lost no bodily extensions (tails)! We like to run on our wheel and squeel at the top of our lungs in the middle of the night even though we aren't supposed to be nocturnal.

Bye From 'The Girlies'
write to us at:


We have a wonderfull human


Hello fellow degus It is nice to know that we are not alone in this world and that there are other degus out there. We have just had five babies so as you can imagine we are completely knackered. They never seem to want to sleep and are always on the go!!!!!!!   Even though they are extremely sweet and our children we wish that they would stop biting our tails so that we are getting bald patches. Whats the best remedy. I usualy give them a tap across the head which normaly does the trick. The trouble is that then my other half starts to have a go at me. Life as a parent deffinetly isn't an easy one. Don't you agree.  We moved about 2 months a go and our owner ha s got all new carpets ad we just love to have a good nibble when no-one is watching. Don't you think that it is fnny when the humans try to catch us we always win. When they catch us it's because we let them not that they have tricked us.   We have a wonderfull human that helps to feed us and makes sure that we have our  chinchilla bath on a regular basis. though sometimes we wish that it was longer .I know for a fact that most humans spend hours in their bath so why shouldn't we!!!!!!!! would love to see some pics of you well must go time for our run

Cherio,   Mr and Mrs and Babies Degus xxx


Lord Batelflap

Hail, thou degu worshipper!
I am lord Batelflap, ruler of all degus. I have recently visited your degu home-page, and I liked it very much. Especially the part in which you thank the person who lent you his scanner. But that is not the reason of my mail to you.
No!!! The reason for my mail is the racial impurity of the degukind. I, as one of the last true remaining members of the first degu clan, see this as a great problem. I would like to see all the racial impure degus in a blender. I am sure many degus share my opinion, and I would like to see my idea supported by your page.
I hope you obey me, or else.......

Yours sincerely
Lord Batelflap, ruler of all degus (and his humble assistent Rogier Min)

Izzy and Rella

We are two degues named Izzy and Rella.Our names USED to be short for
Isabelle and Cinderella.They are now short for Isreal and Cinderella.We
now have three children.Frequently two large white fluffballs on four
legsvisits us. Also our owner and many friends. We feel quite at home
here.Next door on our left are two cockatiels named Rosie and Seymour.
Next to us on the right is Katy, a gerbil.Thennext door to her are
Sherlock and Moriarity,some very nice feretts. Next to them lives
Pickles an African Pygmy Hedgehog. Then is our cousin Cory the
Chinchilla. Across the way live three mice, and a snake is moving in
soon we hear.Quite a nice household we think.Anyway we need to go soon
it's time for our daily romp outside. We are from Florence,Mass., USA.
Have a Good Day!
Izzy and Rella

from: brenda george

Hearless crature

Harvey: This hairless creature took me from my brothers and put me in a box.
After a lot of bouncing, I was let out with a bunch of bigger noisy
critters with no tails and all sorts of colors of fur.  These critters
talked a lot but not like my species.  I learned to talk to them but only
learned enough for me to put them in their place when they tried to push me
around.  I know why the hairless creature calls them g-pigs, very messy and
they eat like ... you know.  These critters could not climb like I can and
one time the hairless one left the lid off.  It was nice to run around but
no water to be found.  I did find a hole to the real world where there is
lots of green grass.  I have made lots of tunnels and lined them with grass.
  I got out before and the hairless one caught me in a small cage somehow. 
He tried that same trick with lots of different foods but I know what
happens when I go in that thing, "clang" and I cannot get out!  I'm a bit
lonely out here but I met a few small critters with no hair on thier tails
looking for seeds.

Birtha, Midge, and Kunta: We used to be at this place where everybody was
having babies or they disapeared.  Midge and Kunta were just kids then but I
(Birtha) had some babies.  All of a sudden, everybody was leaving, we went
for a day or two in a box and then just the three of us degus were kept in a
cage together with cages of other critters all around us.  Both Birtha and
Midge had babies.  After they were taken away, we were taken away by a
different food creature.  This one was always leaving the lid loose so we
could run around but it keeps catching us and putting us back in our house. 
Sometimes our food creature puts these real little degus in with us.  They
do not talk or climb well but they sure run fast and they are all sorts of
colors.  We do not like them because they want to see inside our mouths all
the time but they usualy stay down in the wood chips and we like the

Ann Vole: Harvey is still outside and uncaught but I know he's alive because
of the fresh grass he lines his tunnels with.  I moved out of that rental
garage but I cannot find any way to trap him now that he knows about traps
(and he seems to only be interested in eating grass).  I kept him with
guinea pigs so he would not be lonely.  I bought Birtha, Midge, and Kunta
from a lady who bought them from a breeder who sold all his rodent stock and
is concentrating on reptiles.  I sometimes keep some gerbils with them and
for a bit, I kept a tail-less mouse with them.  Birtha and Kunta were
missing some toes on one foot and Midge was missing half her tail when I
bought them.

Ann Vole

Two English degu's

Hi there fellow Degus,

our names are Rommel and Cleo. We're having fun at the moment because our
humans (Chris and Tina - Chris's mum) can't yet tell us apart. It is funny
listening to them getting confused about us.

We suppose we might be teasing them a little too hard as they have only just
bought us today. They are being really nice to us, they have bought us a
nice home, food and toys. We've just had a treat of fresh dandelion leaf -
thanks to the feeding advice on your fantastic Degu web site! I know they
are going to get us some juicy carrots tomorrow, yummy!

We heard them talking earlier, it is pure chance they bought us. Apparently,
they were on their way to buy shopping for the weekend when they suddenly
decided to have a browse around the pet shop. They are so glad they did
because they took one look at us and were totally dazzled by our glorious
beauty. They ended up going home with two fabulous Degus and zero shopping -
so they're hungry but happy humans!

The two young ladies in the pet shop were sad to see us leave. Chris and
Tina have promised to give them regular progress reports and to print off
the great information from your super web site so when they get more Degus
they can look after them properly because although they did do a grand job
caring for us they could not find much information on how to look after us.

We heard Chris say to his mum that he will take some photos of us some time
in the near future. We will send you some when he does, it will give you a
treat to see how gorgeous we are!

Love and warbles from two very modest Degus, Rommel and Cleo.

XxXxXxXxXxXxX from: TinaDeem

I am lucky

Hi, i'm Nipsu, i'm about 3 years old and when I was1 year old I got diabetics
and the vet gave me less as a year.I survived and raised two beautiful
litters with my lady Bunsj, who unfortanely passed away.
My human friend thinks I'm God and I guess she's right..
weepings from Nipsu,all the other rodents,turtle,fish,cat and from the

Jessica Helmantel

Adorable babies

Hi our names are George and Taynia. Our pet is called Brianna. We just had two
adorable babies, Brianna named them Chip and Champ, well her mom did anyway. We
knew the babies were coming but, Brianna didn't(Hee, Hee!!!)nor did her parents
they freaked out when they saw the babies. Now their about a week and a half old
and as cute as a rabbit( if you think a rabbit is cute). Well we have to go tend
to the babies . BYE !!!!!!

from: Tom_O'

Three degu's

Hello this was something new and exiting.
we are three deguses who want to tell about our selves and our owner Eli,
we are about three months and we are named Diego, Detroyt and Desiree,
soon we will have a new friend called Dana. We live in Trondheim in
Norway with our owner Eli, her boyfriend Henning, and a dog named Kefla.
( they also got two rats named Spøkels and Draugen). All day we run
around in our cage weeping at eacother, we have great fun. If someone
would like to send us a mail, send it to
Love from Detroyt, Diego and Desiree.

Decided to come out

Well hello all our fellow Degu's........We are Peanutbutter and Jam,
from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.Since i'm the man of this
habitat.....i'll speak first! Jam and i have a really great human that
takes very good care of us.There is also this very large feline, that
enjoys letting me chase him. Also my human has another large thing...i
herd it called ' dog ', this one got to close...and i bit her nose! Hi
i'm Jam, the better looking of the two. I am at the moment, very
pregnant, and am due on March 5th. Unfortunately, i have two litters of
darling babies, but none of them survived.....stillborn. My human is so
sad, because she can't understand why this is happening! I saw her cry,
as she gently removed my babies from our home, and don't let
Peanutbutter fool you......he looked for 3 days for our babies! It would
be nice if some other human out there could share some info., about this
so that my human will stop worrying. Well Peanutbutter and i have to go
now, our human is getting our bath ready for us, so hello to all you
other Degu's out there and to your humans! Please
kind to humans....

from: Dina Hnatow

Degus, what else is there to talk about?

Hi! we are two female degus from England and we never knew there were so many
degus on the web out there! Our names are milly and Roo and we love
peanuts... we are the only animals on earth that can actually hear peanuts.
There are not many of us in England, and we are very expensive!The other day
my sister milly started squeekering really loud, and no one knew what she was
talking about. Our human picked her up, and she stopped, and was given a nice
peanut, but as soon as the human put her back down, she was squeaking as well
as eatting, and she looked like she had hiccups. does any one out there know
what on earth she was talking about?
We have a small home page as well! its hope you like it! bye from

Six weeks old brothers

Dear Degus   Hi from Horsham, West Sussex, England!  We are three six week old brothers called It, Bit and Bot.  We have a pet human called Emma who caters to our every whim.  We would like to hear from other Degus around the world.  We originate from Washington, West Sussex where we had to leave home after biting off one of our mother Spot's nipples.  Oops!  We just love sparring, making lots of noise and mess with our sand and chewing up tea bag boxes and toilet rolls.   Anyway, time to get eating again!   Love It, Bit and Bot

from: effapg