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The small and furry Degu information page
French Translation of the Degu Info section
Some Degu experiences from Cathy's pet page



Gerbils ("Little Degus")

The Church of Gerbil
The National Gerbil Society with many other Gerbil links

Gerard Stroomer

My great Degu-fan-friend Gerst heard of my intentions of making a homepage about Degus, and he kindly offered me to make a Degu-mod-file so everybody can hear how Degu's sound!. I couldn't refuse his offer, so be sure to download his Mod! It really is very neat! (160 Kb)

If you think Gerst's Mods are great, also visit his beer-page:

The Great Gerst Beer Page

Other (very usefull) pages

The great zeggel homepage!
My daughter's Ghana page
L-Star Bigband

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The Degus and Chinchilla Ring

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