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Before you enter The Degu Website, please take a minute to read this important message:

Dear visitor,

The first version of the degu website was built in 1995(!) by Hein-Jan Leliveld, because he could not find anything about degu's in bookstores or on the internet. In 1998 he revamped the site and handed it over to Hein Leliveld.

Maintaining this website has always been our hobby, and now the time has come to move on to other interests. Of course we will not remove the site, because it has become (if only a small piece) of the internet history. In the period 1995-1998, the website even became one of the best visited rodent sites of the entire web!

Nowadays it is much easier to find information about degus on the internet and we feel we cannot add anything special or extra any more. So we made a tough decision:

from 01/01/2002 on, we will NOT update the content of the site and will stop answering e-mails about degu's.

Although most of the content is already rather old, it is of course still interesting and relevant: feel free to browse around! This degu-page received between 17 februari 1997 and 15 march 2006 153535 visits. That are a lot of degu-lovers!

Greetings, Hein Leliveld, Hein-Jan Leliveld and Patrick Leliveld from Holland.

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